Magnolia 'Red Lotus'
Magnolia 'Red Lotus'
Magnolia 'Red Lotus'
Magnolia 'Red Lotus'
Magnolia 'Red Lotus'
Magnolia 'Red Lotus'

Magnolia 'Red Lotus'

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Growth Habit:  Very vigorous Growth
USDA Zone:  7-9 (When Seedling, needs Warmth for first years I've found, not now- past that stage, once they become established are very capable to take colder climates)...

Type:  Evergreen

Growth height:  NA-tall

Width:  NA-wide
Exposure:  Full sun
Growing Conditions:  Well-drained soils

Growth Rate is quite fast as Magnolia  matures.  Can tolerate mild/semi-harsh condition, but flourishes in heat...

Evergreen which red BLOOM!   Very beautiful, very popular!  when, seedlings not very cold hardy...  Mature, are very cold hardy.


 Bloom:  Not yet, maybe in 2020



Peeled the skins off seeds,

Then, I Soaked for 24-hours in water with a teaspoon of Magnesium (central molecule). 

Took floating seeds (not viable)

Dried, while under refrigeration (over 120-Days)

The seed is already to be planted-and Guaranteed- ~60% Bottom; ~40% Floated and Removed 


20 Magnolia 'Red Lotus' Seeds

20-labels (printed)

Magnesium Crystals you must mix the contents with water and soak, to ensure germination of Magnolia

Currently Available-  4-17-2020

I'm completely confident that these beautiful Magnolias will all germinate (ALL SUNK=VIABLE)