About Bleuwood Nursery

About Bleuwood Nursery


Eugene, Oregon Nursery, staff is well versed in the specifically in the growth and care of Japanese Maples, Dogwoods and Magnolias and the other unusual Trees at the Nursery, and some in general questions of other trees (ask away).

Brief personal History-Owner Moved with brothers to outside of Eugene, Oregon in ~1971 on a Quarter-Horse and Cattle Ranch.  Went to a Private School-Oregon State (football/Pre-Vet Medicine)-Lane Community College (Engineering)-University of Oregon Graduated with a BS, minoring in Neurology.

More, in-depth-

Used to play Football for Oregon State-was injured brain surgery in 85’-just 99%-chance of dying.  Enrolled that fall 10 years Engineering/TA-Mathematics-my doctor (whom I trusted) switched medication- had a toxic reaction 99.98% chance-Luckily, I was very athletic.  I had to re-learn EVERYTHING!!  Just fine-tuning...  I graduated from the University of Oregon 3 years after with my BS and minor in Neuroscience.  Hopes of on day getting an MD. PhD...  Apparently, I speak low and soft-not at-Much better than the past (went from little speech intelligibility <50% to now 85-100%) I believe, hope...  very fine tuning...  But, in all it's been great so far...

From around +10-years in Nursery, ~20 yrs. while attending college it was very relaxing and therapeutic for me growing from seeds (top of car, one room and roof of my house) -It all started about~2000 (but, didn’t sink in until about ~2007).  Throughout the years my knowledge grew and is growing more and more-mostly hands on with minimal to sparse YouTube watching until a few years back. Plan was to video each of the varieties, I have some, but I have upgrades on new species almost yearly (ie.  ‘Cameo’ and ‘Black Tulip’ New Zealand strains), excited to see just how they grow then pass that on… 

Thank You,