To place your order-

 Bleuwood Nursery Inventory 2019

1st- Browse selection (if need to do research on the specific tree, please feel free to ask or our channel on YouTube "Bleuwood Nursery") or here...

2nd- After decide please email me with your order-Please, I have no control over the shipping rates, especially this year (2021), please email me:  because once I get an order:

I will weigh and measure and video my best in that specific variety (kind of Virtual store-selection)-I may flag several ((color coded) Flag/label each as to make it easier selection).  

Please give your zip-code of destination. 

I run all of my shipping to make sure their accurate and refund you for exact amount or ask more (if exorbitant), then I would give you the option of refunding all or part…

3rd- Select tree(s), Discount if Applicable.

NOTE:  ENTER:  007 west of Green line when Purchasing 3 or more Trees get 10% of order of Trees; ENTER:  005 east of line when Purchasing 3 or more Tree get 30% of order of Trees.  Thank you…


Shipments early in season

Spring Monday thru Thursday...

Spring thru summer months:

Stagger shipments:

East coast-Monday, Tuesday

Mid-west Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

West coast-Monday-Thursday

I'll also take videos in packing process; I'll send you a detail plan for your tree(s)- bellow.  

Normally, FedEx-Ground (I, used to ship via. UPS-Ground-but they have become much more Automated and your trees would sometimes get caught in their conveyor-Belt-outcome, not pretty).  Highly recommend choosing at "check-out" option of Fed-Ex-Ground...

Bleuwood Nursery 



Here are some examples: