Preparation of your Trees

Preparation of your Trees


1st- find my very best of the selected tree(s), Video your tree(s) for you

 Weight and Height of trees (exact)

-Plug zip code in FedEx put that figure into your order

-plug in discount (if applicable), add up shipping total (usually astronomical-I don't add on really any handling fees, 100% Transit fees from carrier, I send these trees to make you very happy and for the safety of your Tree Packing of your selection(s) of tree(s)) is paramount for Bleuwood Nursery delivers your tree(s), safely.

We pack with:

-Water Polymers

-plastic bag

-Anti shock Nutrient packet, plus beneficial Nutrients formulated for your specific Magnolia

-Cardboard top and bottom of Pot -Outside or inside of plastic-a cardboard filler to lessen movement of pot in box, usually in the #3's for the #1 weeping Japanese Maple foam cut around pot to keep it from moving...

-Two, or three Boxes depending on height of tree

-T-support cane/brace - Reinforced cardboard x 2 on trees taller than say 60, 4 corner braces on 100" to my tallest 107.5” (very extreme) trees (for trees shipping safety normally 60-90+”).

-Twine to hold tree in center or cross on top to hold tree and non-behaving branches, for lighter branches soft sticking tape...

-Wrap your selection with heavy gauge paper or bird-netting and small zip-ties.

-~¼-Roll Tape (per tree) and some reinforced tape...

Packing videos and sometimes photos to help customer to see how to un-box (normally 2 packing videos + plus preliminary video(s)), Bleuwood friendly Nursery virtual store…


This, is my current (getting better with each shipment)-2019-on...




New as of ~7-2019 (Roots/soil, water polymers, Moisture barrier, cardboard)...


Preliminary videos:



Examples of packing:


Thank you, Bleuwood Nursery