Preparation of your Trees

Packing at Bleuwood Nursery:

-#5 in pot or 5-Gal.  12 x12" x 48"-box x 2
-#7 in pot or 7-Gal. 14 x 14 x 48" -box  x 2
-#2 in pot or 2-Gal. 10 x 10 x 48"-box x 2
-#1 in pot or 1-Gal.  8 x 8 x 48"-box depending on  height x 2
-Weight tree(s)
-Corner protector-
2-edge Protectors-both sides (use two for each box just on trees +65" distance determining-4-edge Protectors on trees over 70" trees or for traveling back east distance).
-Water polymers 
-Oyster shell and crab shell- CA+
-Pine shavings
-cold pressed neem seed oil or bug repellent (everything organic)
-Large Arrows Stickers
-Packing-Tape-General purpose 2"
-B-Flute (top and of pot)
-Re-Inforced Packing Tape-2" (for bottom and after telescoping of boxes until you feel cane pushing on top (to doubly hold tree)
-Hole punch (air for tree)
-4"-Pouch (ziploc),
2"-Pouch (ziploc)
transplant Nutrient Packs (each tree to help your Magnolia/maple grow fast)

-After find-out variety & size-pot:  I go out to Bleuwood pick two sizes (flag best of two get weights and heights of the  both-video them-compress them, find out shipping charges then add to cost of tree (Tree + Shipping), send to client, after they choose you then write an invoice to the client.

Bamboo support cane (~4"-above),  Replace cane if needed for Strength.
-Total Time:  ~15 min.

Stage 2: 
-Then put plastic bag around pot (a trash bag).  Then cut a piece of twin and put it  around support-cane) and tape it down (holds tree secure 48" up).  Punch small fresh air.  Put reinforced packing strips (4") and tape the joint together then put corner proctors on two sides (Thermal up Arrows).   Mark up box put up arrows on the sides. 

-Total Time:  ~45-min.-2-hrs.


(Video taping each step for unboxing).

Identical for #7 14 x 14 x 48" double box
-box, #2 10 x 10 x 48"-box
-#1 8 x 8 x 48"-box

Ship trees according to distance:

-Bleuwood Nursery in West
-East Coast- Monday and Tuesday
-Mid-West- Monday through Wednesday
-West Coast- Tuesday through Thursday


-plug in discount (if applicable), add up shipping total (usually astronomical-I don't add on really any handling fees, 100% Transit fees from carrier, I send these trees to make you very happy and for the safety of your Tree Packing of your selection(s) of tree(s)) is paramount for Bleuwood Nursery delivers your tree(s), safely.


White glove Treatment (actually, all...):  Continually improving...  2023 and ...


 Each tree is packed differently for the trees safety- to counteract for their safe arrival.

This, is my current (getting better with each shipment)-2022-on...




New as of ~7-2019 (Roots/soil, water polymers, Moisture barrier, cardboard)...


Preliminary videos:



Examples of packing:


Thank you, Bleuwood Nursery