Magnolia 'Ned's Northern-Belle'
Magnolia 'Ned's Northern-Belle'
Magnolia 'Ned's Northern-Belle'

Magnolia 'Ned's Northern-Belle'

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Growth Habit:  Medium Growth
USDA Zone:  
Zone 3b (extremely cold hardy!)

Type:  Evergreen

Growth height:  30’-tall

Width:  N/A ’-wide
sun-part shade
Growing Conditions:  Well-drained soils


This introduction by Ned Rader in northern Ohio may well be the hardiest evergreen of all…  Southern Sweetbay to date. It has retained its leaves most the winter at temperatures well below zero and has been reported to survive nearly -35°F, though it will defoliate after such extreme cold. Wonderfully fragrant flowers, typical of Southern Sweetbay, are produced abundantly in May, and additional flowers appear off and on through the summer. It grows tall and narrow, and after 17 years it reached 25-30’ tall with a spread of only 8-9’. Keeping in mind that no plant develops its full hardiness until it has a degree of maturity, it would be advisable to protect young plants with a burlap barrier at the colder end of its range.  Most cold hardy! Plus blooms longest and latest in early to mid-summer months.

Bloom:   Just the flowers appear at very young age, fragrant (late spring-mid-summer!!!)…

~Late July August!  Small, but powerful scent ((LemonSweet scent)-thought the Braken's Brown Beauty was blooming, it was her, lovely...  August 31st, 2020...