Magnolia 'Eric Savill'

Magnolia 'Eric Savill'

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Growth Habit:  Moderate-vigorous Growth
USDA Zone:  7-9

Type:  Deciduous

Growth height:  NA-tall

Width:  NA-wide
Exposure:  Full sun
Growing Conditions:  Well-drained soils

Pink to a Salmon colored Blossoms, very astonishingly beautiful... Very smitten over this variety-Foliage is Spectacular (new growth copper and wear sun comes across it), although mine haven't bloomed as of yet, when researching this variety I truly liked everything about this variety.  I believe (though could be wrong), I believe that this variety will bloom in 2018... 

 Bloom:  ~2018!   Magnificent Magnolia Tree- Beautiful oval shaped leaves Sun turns the new growth and leaves a lovely purple/copper-tone, very relaxing (too me)...  Keep you updated..

YouTube Channel:  Not yet on Bleuwood Nursery, 2018! 

 Above #7 (7-gallon), I can only ship up to 102" (8' 6")