Magnolia  Acuminata

Magnolia Acuminata

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 ***NOTE:  Mine haven’t bloomed yet, so the blossom isn’t mine-example of this tree species bloom.  As like the others (I’m kind-of, biased)- But Huge leaves.

Product Description:

Growth Habit:  Once established, grow rapidly (18-30”/yr.)
USDA Zone: 2-9, 4-8, 14-21

Growth height:  60-80’-tall

Width:  25-30’-wide
Exposure:  Full sun
Growing Conditions:  Well-drained soils

Well-suited for use as a shade tree or in the lawn, this deciduous tree has attractive 5-9" glossy leaves. After leaves emerge, small greenish-yellow flowers appear, usually in late spring and early summer, the bloom time is well worth the wait with the beautiful huge foliage.  Native to E. North America.

Bloom Time:  Creamy Yellow in 12 yrs., ~2014  Mine will be about 9-11 years, I'm guessing next season...  2018

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